Our Story

Every artist has a beginning. For me it was comic books and comic art. I've been drawing since I was very very young. Over the past year I attempted, as a commission, some pin up art based on my friend's wife. He wanted a gift for her. So he commissioned me to depict her as a classic 50's Pin Up Girl. It was so fun to do, and she loved the gift so much, that I was instantly hooked. I began researching the history of Pin Up art and from there the rest is history.

What is PinUpDays.com All About?

As frequently as I can I post my latest piece of Pin Up Girl art. I've been drawing pin ups for a long time now. It's something that I truly love. I truly love the female form. I mean, I am a heterosexual man. But it isn't about exploiting women or images of women. For me it's about embracing what is beautiful and what is sexy about a woman's body. It's also about telling a story. The best pin ups always tell a story. It isn't about creating pornographic images and nothing I draw is ever deliberately pornographic in nature. Sexy yes, but never nude.

Dita Von Teese put it best:

Meet the Artist


Aaron Stein

Pin Up Artist Extraordinaire

Professional graphic designer, web designer, and cartoonist. Lover of all things Pin Up, Rockabilly, and Sock-Hop


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