Every day I sit down and do a basic pin up sketch. Once I have the sketch done in non-repro blue and inked (I’ll share more about my sketching process later), I scan the image in and open the scan in Photoshop, remove the blue by altering the channel structure (again I’ll go into detail later). This leaves me with only the inks like so:

Once I’ve got my sketch uploaded and clean, I move on to a different image. Why? Because I’ve already spent a lot of time on this sketch today and I’m going to work on yesterday’s image which I’ve already laid in flats for, to keep my brain from losing focus. But just for continuity’s sake, I’m going to show you my next steps on this same image. So next step is flatting. This is a process of laying in colors in flat tones in order to allow special effects to be applied to only one character or part of a character or the environment at a time. Here is what this image looks like in the flat stage:

Interested in seeing more? Tune in a few days from now for Part 2!